When downtime isn’t an option

Have your operations ever been disrupted due to tyre failure?

When you need to keep your equipment rolling, dealing with flat or punctured tyres is costly, time consuming and frustrating.

Imagine if there was a simple solution which meant you’d never have to worry about a flat tyre again? Solid filling tyres extends the life of the tyre, making them completely flat-proof and eliminating costly downtime. A polymer fill replaces air in your tyres with a liquid compound which, once cured, makes tyres impervious to nails, spikes, slag and rocks.

Eliminate downtime and keep your equipment rolling with Tyrefill WA.


Tyres flat-proofed with Rely® TyreFill will ride like pneumatic tyres but provide the durability of solid tyres.


Keep On Rolling!

TyreFill WA Products are designed to prevent flat tires and keep your equipment on the move.

Recommended to extend the life of the tyre, reduce downtime and save you money.

Saves you money
TyreFill WA’s solid fill is an investment that pays for itself! You save expensive flat repair and service charges, improve the life of the tyre, eliminate interrupted work schedules, eliminate costly down time due to flats, and increase job productivity.
Improves on the job safety
Eliminates sudden loss of pressure, helps to handle overload situations, adds a lower centre of gravity to your equipment to reduce roll-over possibilities, and improves traction. Once the tyre is filled and fully cured the chance of tyre failure and blowouts are eliminated, improving on-site safety.
Extends the life of your tyres
Tyres that are improperly inflated wear out sooner due to over or under-inflation. Tyres filled with TyreFill WA’s solid fill are pressurized to manufacturer’s specification and will stay that way throughout the tyres life.
Reduces Down Time
TyreFill WA’s solid fill can keep your workers and vehicles working instead of them sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for a flat tyre to be changed or repaired.
Get Rid of Flats for Good
With TyreFill WA’s solid fill your tyres are nail proof, slag proof, spike proof, glass proof, rock proof. They can roll over the toughest hazards and won’t slow you down.


Tyrefill WA are the largest solid fill suppliers in Western Australia servicing the Mining, Defence, Materials Handling and Construction industries. Our mission is to save you from expensive flat repair, tyre replacement and asset downtime.
TyreFill WA insists using the most developed product on the market, Carpenter’s Rely® Tyrefill. Compared to all other puncture proofing products in the market Carpenters Rely® is the most cost effective and reliable method of eliminating flat tyres.
Rely® T-25 is a plural component elastomer that replaces the air in pneumatic tyres. This soft resilient inner core gives the same ride and performance of an air filled tyre but eliminates flats and under-inflation for the life of the tyre.
Rely® T-25 is also proven to reduce ‘solid-shock’ which is common in solid filled tyres. Only Carpenter’s Rely® can give your drivers the same soft ride as pneumatic tyres which means less injury to your team and less wear on your equipment.
Rely T-25 is just right for most industrial applications, providing less deflection, excellent rolling resistance and peace of mind. T-25 filled tyres can be run continually at 56kph or for up to two hours in an eight-hour period at 88kph.



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